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Keeping Syrian families safe this winter: Sharing a little warmth

Syria Winter Appeal 2020

After almost a decade of ongoing conflict, the Syrian crisis is still tearing families apart. Help the needy in this Syria Winter Appeal.

A staggering 11.7 million people across Syria are still in need of humanitarian aid, with 6.5 million people without a stable source of food.

For Syrian families displaced across the north of the country or living as refugees in neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon, life is incredibly challenging.

With little income, simple daily necessities such as food, shelter, fuel and warm clothing are simply out of reach for millions of people. For families such as Ahmed’s, there was no other option but to flee Syria and cross into neighbouring Jordan in search of a better future.

But they’re not the only ones who made this journey.

655,000 Syrian refugees are currently registered in Jordan. However, their struggles don’t end when they cross over the border.

A staggering 90% of refugees are classed as poor or on the brink of poverty and are struggling to survive. Our Syria Winter Appeal will help save these people.

Ahmed: Hoping for a better future

AhmedAhmed and three of his children

When we met Ahmed and his family of 11, he’d fled Syria out of desperation five years ago with his children and his wife.

His wife was struggling with her mental health and diagnosed with breast cancer. Things were desperate.

Both parents were desperately looking for a safe place, away from explosives to raise their children:

“When I was in Syria, I used to work in the municipality. We had a good life… but once the crisis began, our life changed.

My kids couldn’t sleep any more. They’d spend days awake and we felt like our lives were part of a horror movie.

My wife was well-educated and a very social woman, but after witnessing her father’s execution, and then being hit on her head with a gun, she lost her mind.”

Now safe from the bombs and bullets in conflict-fuelled Syria, the family were facing continued struggles in Jordan due to their lack of income and decreasing winter temperatures:

“…I can tolerate the bad weather but my kids are still too young to bear this cold. My eldest daughter Noor was born with cerebral damage and as a result is mentally and physically disabled. She always needs support from others… We still have to use nappies for her.

As the temperature goes down, Noor must go to the hospital due to her weak immune system. Regarding my other children… they have gotten used to covering themselves with old blankets.

I decided to get this wood heater, but I can’t afford the wood daily or weekly. When I can afford to buy wood, the smoke inhalation means my children struggle to breathe”.

With a young family to look after, Ahmed was worried about how they’d cope with the bitter winter cold.

Islamic Relief: Keeping families warm this winter

Ahmed and his family with your generous donations!

Alhamdulillah, we reached out to Ahmed and his family, ensuring that they had critical winter items to make it through the cold season.

Ahmad’s family received a range of vital items including: a gas-cylinder, heater, blanket, voucher to purchase hygiene items, fuel refill voucher and clothes voucher.

Of course Ahmed and his family were delighted with the support they received:

“I’m so happy to receive help from Islamic Relief. We were in desperate need of winter aid.

Now, I can go outside the house and be sure that my family is in a warm place, with no smoke and no fire.

There are not enough words to say thank you. It’s not simply about the assistance you provided – it’s also about empathy. You provided us with the warmth we need, you provided us with new clothes and you brought joy to my children’s lives.”

Our work for the Syria Winter Appeal

SubhanAllah, we’re working across Syria, Jordan and Lebanon to support Ahmed’s family and thousands more.

This winter, we’re aiming to support 29,035 people across Syria insha’Allah, providing winter packs for families in Aleppo and Azaz, ensuring that households have blankets, mattress, plastic sheets, coal, jackets, socks and shoes.

In Idlib in the north of the country, we’re also ensuring that families have enough coal for three months, ensuring that these vulnerable men, women and children can keep warm and safe. In addition, we’re also providing critical support across Jordan and Lebanon.

Of course, none of this is possible without your generous support. Thank you for helping Ahmed and his family. This winter, please help us to serve even more families in desperate need of care.

By donating to Islamic Relief, you can provide critical care for men, women and children in need across the globe. You can save lives.

Share a little warmth in this Syria winter. Donate to Islamic Relief and help save lives.

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