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Ramadan Islamic Relief staff member handing lady a food parcel.

“It’s our responsibility to provide help in the best way possible”

During Ramadan 2023, Islamic Relief  continued its life-saving work around the world, making sure your donations reached those most in need of help. We were on the ground in over 30 countries,  as we have been with every major disaster since 1984, delivering food, water and emergency relief to those in desperate need.

We take the responsibility of delivering your donations very seriously. We know that we are accountable to you, to the people we serve, and, ultimately, to Allah. 

Islamic Relief staff from across the globe reflect on this year’s Ramadan food distribution and the measures we took to ensure your donations safely reached the most vulnerable families. 

Khadija- Islamic Relief Somalia

It is not an easy job to work in the field because sometimes we might  encounter a desperate mother who can’t do anything for herself, or a widow with many children who cannot afford to buy even a bottle of water.

My role is to do charity work for these people and observe justice and fairness in distributing relief-aid.

Islamic Relief is entrusted with donations because we provide and spend everything in the way it is intended. Although I have never met you, my duty is to distribute what has been entrusted to me fairly to the people in need. This is very important as we are following the example of our Prophet in everything we do”. 

Seda- Islamic Relief Chechnya

“Our Ramadan food distribution programme in Chechnya was needed more than ever, as local communities are struggling amid an economic crisis, which has pushed those already struggling deep into poverty. 

With much more demand than in previous years, we worked with local partners and trusted organisations to ensure that the most vulnerable were selected to receive help. 

Instead of distributing food packages, this Ramadan we distributed food vouchers. This empowered and gave families the choice of which food items they wished to purchase. 

In order to facilitate the process and ensure that families received the best value for their vouchers, we discussed criteria, held tenders and selected the best contractor to supply the food/ vouchers. 

We must check that all of our activities are carefully monitored. We verified the list of names and details of our rightsholders before distributions began and ensured that all of their data was used responsibly. 

Continuously trying to learn and improve our processes, we make sure to obtain feedback from all of the communities we serve through a post-distribution feedback survey.”. 

Sharmin-Islamic Relief Bangladesh 

“Ramadan is a special time of year, and it’s an honour to serve those in need during the blessed month which is a time for improving our character and increasing our good deeds. From the Ramadan food distribution programme, we learn patience and gratefulness for Allah’s blessings. 

It gives me so much pleasure to help provide food to vulnerable families which helps them to enjoy Ramadan without worrying about how to feed their children. 

As Islamic Relief staff, we are custodians of your donations, and it’s our moral obligation to help the most vulnerable families. 

Many are struggling in Bangladesh amid high inflation, which has meant that many families struggle to meet their basic needs. 

The Ramadan food packs brought smiles to people’s faces, and helped to ease their burden. “ 

This Ramadan, we ensured that your donations reached those who need it most in the safest, most effective way possible. Please continue to support our vital work around the globe.

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