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Mohammad, a middle aged man from Kabul, Afghanistan is sitting

‘It is so difficult to provide food for my family’

Mohammad is a truck driver in Kabul, Afghanistan. A lack of job opportunities and waves of crises in his country have made feeding his family increasingly challenging.

“We can’t eat meat unless a charity provides it for us,” the 50-year-old explains. “When I don’t have any money to buy food, how can I buy meat? It’s so difficult to find food, let alone meat.”

Mohammad lives with his wife, Rabia, and their 3 adult daughters. He says the family struggles to eat well and suffers from low energy because of the difficulty of getting nutritious food on a regular basis.

It is very hard to describe our standard of living… actually we don’t have a standard. It is so difficult to provide food for my family.

Mohammad, a truck driver from Kabul, Afghanistan.

Easing the burden

Last year, Mohammad and his family received a food parcel, containing meat, from Islamic Relief as part of our Qurbani distributions that help vulnerable families around the world celebrate Eid al-Adha.

“We are really so happy that we received this meat and, of course, we are so thankful to the people who helped us in this bad situation. The packages will help us to enjoy meat for at least a week,” he says.

“I am thankful for Islamic Relief’s assistance to the most vulnerable people in this area and I hope this assistance will continue.”

Many Afghan families like Mohammad’s are reliant on food aid to survive. Please help Islamic Relief continue our vital work supporting them. 

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