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Islamic Relief Welcomes Global Interfaith Alliance

Islamic Relief Welcomes Global Interfaith Alliance

The Global Interfaith WASH Alliance – which was launched on September 25- strengthens collaboration between religious actors around water and sanitation, and heralds a long-term partnership between GIWA and UNICEF.

Islamic Relief Worldwide Chief Executive, Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, attended the launch event at UNICEF House in New York.

“Islamic Relief is clear that faith-based organisations have much to contribute to the fight against poverty and suffering,” he said. “This alliance is the first ever to engage a variety of world religions in working together to achieve a common global goal on water and sanitation.

“It sends a strong signal to the international community about the vital role that organisations such as Islamic Relief have to play in accelerating achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Importantly, it is a welcome step forward in building a world where everyone has access to safe water and adequate sanitation.”

GIWA will be operating as a decentralized, non-hierarchical and action-oriented civil society network of religious leaders and faith-based organisations.

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