Tuesday November 9, 2021

Islamic Relief UK and Greenpeace MENA as part of the Ummah for Earth Alliance brought together young Muslims yesterday (8 Nov) to learn how to become activists in the fight against global warming.

As the second week of COP26 in Glasgow continues, a panel of high profile speakers shared their insights into the climate crisis at Blackhall Mosque in Edinburgh to inspire the next generation of climate activists.

The speakers included environmental campaigners Zunaira Malik and Nana Firman, Islamic Relief UK activist, Fatima Zara Alarakha, Nouhad Awwad from Greenpeace (the Middle East and North Africa), Zahra Khan Durrani from Islamic Relief Pakistan and Sheikh Amin Buxton.

For young Muslims in the UK, climate change threatens places where many of them have relatives, such as Bangladesh and Pakistan. These countries are often hit by floods and droughts, causing destroyed crops, homes, livelihoods and huge suffering.

As well as concern for others overseas, many young Muslims are also worried about not being able to perform their sacred task of Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca – as climate change will make it too hot and dangerous in the future.

COP26 is seeing world leaders, tens of thousands of negotiators, government representatives, businesses and civil society come together for talks to tackle climate change. Islamic Relief and Greenpeace Middle East and North Africa have joined with other major aid groups to lobby for immediate climate action, at all levels. 

Young Muslims are demanding tough action from decision-makers at the COP26 summit in Glasgow to reduce carbon emissions and make a greener environment.

Maria Zafar, Islamic Relief UK’s Campaigns and Public Affairs Coordinator said:

“It’s inspiring to see the next generation step up to the challenge of tackling climate change. Seeing these young individuals so passionate about doing everything they can to save the planet gives me hope for the future. It’s our duty as Muslims to safeguard the planet as custodians of the Earth and this message is resonating with the young.

“These youngsters are also determined to make a huge difference to the countless people in countries across the world who are suffering as floods and droughts devastate people’s lives.”

Nouhad Awwad, Project Campaigner on Ummah for Earth at Greenpeace Middle East and North Africa said:

“We have the technology, the insight, the science and the financial means to green our whole planet and live in harmony, dignity and health. What is lacking is the political will and the courage to execute it.

 “We will get there by continuing to educate, inspire and lead the change from the front and by working together in unity and solidarity.”

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