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Food distribution- Mansfield Primary School

Islamic Relief UK and Felix Project team up to provide cultural food for 700 pupils including those struggling with the cost of living

Islamic Relief UK supported the Felix Project on Wednesday 20 July with a celebratory lunch with its unique kitchen which collects good surplus food to cook 2,300 meals and deliver it to some of the most vulnerable families.

During lockdown, Manorfield Primary were distributing over 1,000 food parcels per week to help families. They have now seen an increase in the level of needs amongst families due to cost of living. 40 families access Manorfield’s weekly Food Pantry distribution for those in need.

This was part of a wider initiative led by Islamic Relief UK involving 19 partners across the country to deliver food packs, Qurbani (1) meat and Eid gifts to coincide with the Islamic festival of Eid al-Adha (2).

The Kitchen, which opened in July 2021 has been cooking and delivering culturally sensitive meals to the ethnically diverse community in East London. Local home cooks and guest chefs have visited the site to teach Felix’s professionally trained chefs authentic and culturally familiar dishes that can be stored for two to three days and then heated. Over the last 12 months the kitchen staff have been shown dishes from Ethiopia, China, Singapore, India, Jamaica, and many more.

On average the Kitchen can deliver 3,000 meals a day, 16,000 meals a week and 71,000 meals a month.

The Felix Project is a lifeline for many families and collects surplus food from supermarkets, wholesalers, farms, restaurants and delis that cannot be sold and would otherwise go to waste. The surplus includes fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy food, baked goods, salads, meat and fish.

Many people have been hit hard by the cost of living crisis, especially low-income families, those suffering from domestic abuse, people who are homeless, asylum seekers and refugees.

Leon Aarts, Head of Kitchen said: “The community organisations that we serve around our Poplar depot support vulnerable people from a particularly diverse range of ethnic backgrounds, and as such, the feedback we receive from our community organisations is that there is a significant demand for halal meat.

The rising utility bills has meant that many of our end users are struggling to afford the energy to cook. The Felix Project is working hard to deliver up to 70,000 cooked meals a month to our charity partners supporting London’s most vulnerable people. We would like to thank Islamic Relief UK for enabling us to provide these diverse communities in East London with such good quality fresh, delicious, halal lamb.”

Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief UK said:The cost of living crisis is driving an increasing number of families across London deeper into poverty. This should not be happening in any city.

We are proud to be working The Felix Project, who are accommodating people in a respectful way by providing culturally diverse meals to cater for people of different backgrounds.”


Notes to editors

For any questions or to request to interview one of our spokespeople, please contact: · [email protected] 020 3148 3217

  1. Qurbani means sacrifice. Every year during the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims around the world slaughter an animal – a goat, sheep, cow or camel – to reflect the Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail, for the sake of God. In 2022, Qurbani distributions will aim to reach more people than ever before. After the animal has been sacrificed, its meat is then distributed to those most in need.
  2. Eid al-Adha is one of the two blessed Eids that is celebrated by Muslims.

About The Felix Project

The Felix Project is London’s largest food redistribution charity. We rescue good food that cannot be sold and deliver it to charities and schools for people living in food poverty. In 2021 we delivered the equivalent of 30 million meals for London’s hungry. Join the fight against food waste & hunger at:

About Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is a faith-inspired, development and humanitarian agency working to transform and save the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in over 40 countries. Islamic Relief assists people according to need and does not discriminate in any way.

Set up in Birmingham in 1984 by a group of volunteers, we have assisted over 117 million people all over the world. We’re saving lives and empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty in over 40 countries – from Bangladesh to Bosnia, Pakistan to Palestine, Kenya to Kosovo. Islamic Relief is on the ground in some of the world’s most dangerous and difficult places – including Syria and Yemen – strengthening the most marginalised communities to withstand conflict and natural disasters and to build a brighter future. We also support vulnerable people in the UK in partnership with local charities and organisations.

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