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a man standing infront of a stack of boxes in a warehouse with medical supplies for sudan

Islamic Relief supports families amid ongoing violence in Sudan

Since conflict erupted in Sudan in April, nearly 7,500 people have been killed, while close to 5 million have been violently uprooted from their homes.

The actual numbers of dead and injured are thought to be much higher given that access to Khartoum and parts of Darfur are inaccessible.

Millions of people across the country are experiencing acute hunger.

Islamic Relief has so far delivered aid to more than 225,000 people, many of whom are displaced and in desperate need. We have provided cash support so that families can buy essentials, and medicine and hygiene kits to those displaced.

We also supplied high quality, durable seeds to more than 20,000 farmers, while more than 25,000 people received healthcare support through temporary health centres.

Ongoing violence

Fighting continues in the capital, Khartoum, from which at least 3 million people have fled.

However, for every person who left, there are many more who have not been able to escape and remain trapped in the city, where water, food and electricity are rationed.

Outside of Khartoum, the security situation is also fragile, posing a challenge for aid organisations whose staff have been attacked and killed in the violence.

A call to the international community

Islamic Relief has joined 13 other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to call for for immediate funding, access, and protection for civilians and aid workers in Sudan.

The conflict has driven unprecedented displacement and the health system is on the verge of collapse, resulting in even more deaths. Nearly half of the population, 25 million people, have been left in urgent need of assistance.

The cost of inaction in the face of ever-growing needs cannot be understated. We are calling on the international community, including governments and international organisations to urgently prioritise the crisis in Sudan.

You can help us provide life-saving aid to the people of Sudan by donating to our Sudan Emergency Appeal now.

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