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Islamic Relief Response to International Development Strategy

The UK government launched its new International Development Strategy on May 16th laying out its priority areas for the next 10 years.

The government intends to link its international development investments more closely to the UK’s trade policies, putting into practise “aid for trade”. Islamic Relief is concerned by this move as it seeks to favour economic priorities and could lead to the de-prioritisation of lifting the most vulnerable communities around the world out of poverty.

We welcome the government’s intentions to support women and girls and humanitarian efforts and its reference to the climate crisis outlined in the strategy.

The government has not outlined how funding shortfalls will be met to ensure that it delivers on these priorities. Through this strategy the government is failing to tackle the root causes of poverty and deliver solutions that will help to bring about real transformational change for millions of people around the world.

The growing hunger crisis impacting countries from East Africa to Yemen is a clear example of how lives may be impacted if international development spending does not have the agility to deal with crises around the world.

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