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Islamic Relief responds to EU referendum

Islamic Relief responds to EU referendum

The UK has now entered a period of uncertainty both diplomatically and economically as our country renegotiates its relationships not just with the EU, but also with the rest of the world. BREXIT will have implications for different dimensions of Islamic Relief’s work, and across the whole charity sector, including humanitarian aid, refugee protection and climate change. As the influence of the UK government changes on the global scene, we will adapt our voice as a UK aid and development organisation accordingly.

We urge the UK Government to continue to embody the British values of openness to other cultures and international cooperation – values that have enriched this country with a diversity of peoples, religions and world views. Islamic Relief UK will continue to advocate for the rights of refugees and displaced peoples, a continued commitment to 0.7% of the UK’s budget to be spent on overseas aid and the fulfilment of commitments made by the UK to tackle climate change.

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