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Islamic Relief providing emergency response to cholera crisis in Yemen

The World Health Organisation and UNICEF have now classed the crisis in Yemen as the worst cholera outbreak in the world.

As a result, Islamic Relief is on the ground and providing emergency medical assistance to over 224,000 people suspected of having contracted the disease.

In just two months, cholera has spread to almost every governorate of Yemen. The most affected governorates are; Sana’a City, Al Hudayah, Amran, Hajjah, Ibb, Sana’aand Taiz. More than 1,416 people have lost their lives to this disease in the past couple of months and 30 people (many women and children) are dying every day.

Hospitals and health centres across the country are overwhelmed by the increasing numbers of patients needing urgent treatment.
Islamic Relief has provided 60 tents for three hospitals in Sana’a, which can accommodate 300 patients.

One of these hospitals is Al Sabeen hospital which is receiving between 100-150 cholera patients a day who are being forced to share hospital beds. Staff here are working around the clock to treat these patients but haven’t received a salary for the past eight months.

Islamic Relief has also supplied cholera medicines, including IV stands, cannula tubes, saline bags, antibiotics, oral rehydration salts, gloves, syringes and hygiene kits, including soap, disinfectant and towels to hospitals in five governorates.

In addition to this we has been providing chlorine tablets for water purification to households, along with the distribution of hygiene kits, safe, clean water storage cans, and training around best hygiene practices.

Muhammad Abbas Zulqarnain, Country Director for Islamic Relief in Yemen said:

“This cholera outbreak is now affecting every part of the country in Yemen and it’s hardly surprising that the health facilities are struggling to cope. Less than half of them are fully functioning after two years of war; many lack some of the most basic medical equipment and drugs and staff haven’t been paid for over eight months.”

“The level of suffering in Yemen, even without the cholera crisis, is absolutely tragic. People are contracting the disease because they don’t have enough food to eat or any clean water. And once they get the disease they are struggling to afford the costs to get them to hospital.”

Imran Madden, Director of Islamic Relief UK said:

“Thanks to the immense generosity of the UK public and our donors from further afield during the blessed month of Ramadan, we have been able to respond swiftly to this horrific crisis in Yemen.

“We are in 18 of the 22 governorates in Yemen.  This unmatched reach on the ground is enabling us to continue to deliver vital lifesaving aid to those suffering from cholera and,with your support, we hope to continue helping the most vulnerable people who are suffering as a result of the ongoing crisis in Yemen.”

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