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Islamic Relief provides support against chemical attacks

Islamic Relief provides support against chemical attacks

“Hospitals are preparing in case there are more chemical weapon attacks, with antidotes and protective kits,” explains Abdelrahman Essam, Islamic Relief’s Head of Mission for Syria and Turkey. He visited Syria two weeks ago, going back to camps he saw last year, and was shocked to see how much they had changed – for the worst.

Many more camps for internally displaced people are emerging and the current camps are overflowing and extending in all directions.

This year so far, Islamic Relief has helped over 900,000 people inside Syria. “The situation is very bad, people are sleeping under trees or just under plastic sheets, no protection from the sun. After I left, heavy rain started, it must have been very muddy,” says Abdelrahman, who witnessed a huge number of children running around, even though term has started. “There is nowhere for them to go to school.”

Islamic Relief supports around 90 field hospitals and medical points inside Syria, via three medical projects. Most items we provide for people inside Syria are bought in Turkey, but some come from other countries.

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