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elderly woman walking in gaza alongside collapsed buildings destroyed from recent airstrikes

Islamic Relief in Palestine

Since 1997 we have been providing humanitarian relief in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as the communities we serve have struggled with the devastating effects of occupation, blockade and recurring conflict. Wherever possible we work through local partners as part of our efforts to strengthen civil society, concentrating on inclusion of all ages and abilities.

As with the recent escalation in violence, our Gaza team are among the first to respond to emergencies with lifesaving aid. To reduce suffering, we empower local people to prepare for emergencies and respond effectively when they happen.

Many Palestinian families depend on inernational aid for day- to-day survival. We provide food, clean water, safer homes and support for vulnerable children, while our integrated approach to all these different areas of support helps families build their own financial independence . Islamic Relief empowers people to achieve sustainable livelihoods, supports education, and engages young people in trying to build a future free from poverty.

A timeline of our ongoing support


Islamic Relief begins providing Palestinian families with small business loans so they can earn a living amidst increasing instability in the region.


With funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), we set up two educational centres in Rafah and Deir Balah, Gaza, serving vulnerable children including those with disabilities.

IR Gaza Archive Images


Within hours of the start of the devastating 22-day conflict in Gaza, Islamic Relief begins distributing desperately needed aid and is one of the few agencies to remain on the ground throughout the crisis.

Following the 22-day conflict, Islamic Relief delivered a £30 million emergency response and reconstruction programme in Gaza that included restoring intensive care and emergency departments in nine hospitals.


As part of our emergency response to the escalation of another conflict, we deliver £1 million worth of medical supplies to hospitals which allows them to treat incoming casualties.


In response to conflict once again, we reach over 15,000 displaced Palestinians with emergency aid including food and water, provide medical equipment to hospitals and help children get back to school.


Another round of conflict pushes an estimated 30,000 families into poverty. In response we launch a £1 million recovery project to help rebuild shattered lives providing access to food, education and healthcare as well as building resilience to face future conflicts.


Over 50 Palestinians are killed by gunfire, including an eight-month-old baby, and more than 2,700 people are injured in largely peaceful protests. Islamic Relief provides lifesaving medical supplies to support hospitals in Gaza as they struggle to treat survivors.


Islamic Relief responds to increased hostilities in Gaza with urgent support for civilian casualties and infrastructure. We provide urgent medical supplies that allow hospitals to treat the sick and wounded, help children go to school and ensure people can continue to earn a living.


Islamic Relief responds to the Covid-19 outbreak in Gaza by working to prevent its spread and providing additional support to families at greater risk. We deliver food vouchers to tens of thousands of people losing out on paid work due to the pandemic. Hospitals, health centres and quarantine centres receive essential equipment and our teams disinfect schools and hospitals to reduce the risk of infection.

May 2023:

Islamic Relief teams distribute urgent medical aid and food packs as part of our emergency response to airstrikes from Israel.

palestinian women carrying bags of fresh food in gaza palestine

Right now 

In response to the recent escalation in violence, our teams are providing urgent medical assistance, bedding, food vouchers and other essential aid to displaced families and those most in need.

Find out more about our ongoing support to the people in Palestine by downloading a copy of our report ‘Islamic Relief in Palestine‘. 

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