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Islamic Relief gearing up operations in Yemen following escalation of violence

Islamic Relief is gearing up its operations in Yemen to deal with the consequences of today’s escalation of violence in Hodeida, Yemen, which could leave millions of people facing starvation.

The port in Hodeida is a major lifeline to over 20 million people in dire need of humanitarian assistance due to three years of conflict. Islamic Relief is stepping up its emergency relief efforts providing emergency food, clean water and sanitation and medical supplies.

Coordinating Islamic Relief’s emergency relief efforts on the ground in Hodeida, Salem Jaffer Baobaid is extremely concerned by the devastating long-term effects these latest attacks will have on aid operations for all NGOs working in the country.

Salem Jaffer Baobaid, Islamic Relief Yemen said,

“Yemen has been in the midst of conflict for over three years. Agencies like Islamic Relief have been working under the constant threat of death, with attack after attack on a civilian population which was already amongst the poorest in the region. We are still here, supporting those affected by the violence, working with different agencies and the UN to provide emergency relief to those most in need.”

Imran Madden, Director of Islamic Relief UK said,

“Recent reports of escalating military activity around the port of Hodeida are deeply disturbing. The port provides a major lifeline to millions of Yemenis in desperate need of humanitarian aid. Any escalation in violence will put the lives of 250,000 people at immediate risk and will lead to devastating humanitarian consequences for millions more. We have to remember that this is already the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis. If it gets worse, the consequences will be devastating.

“There is still time to prevent this catastrophe from deteriorating further. Ultimately, governments should be working to end this horrific conflict which has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people, and devastated the lives of millions more. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the UK has a unique position and responsibility to lead political efforts to end this crisis. We demand that the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, does everything in his power to push for a permanent and immediate ceasefire to avoid any further loss of life and a catastrophic situation for a population already on its knees.”

Head of the Middle East Region for Islamic Relief, Dr Ahmed Nasr said,

“This is an attack that has been launched during the last ten days of Ramadan which are amongst the holiest days of year for Muslims around the world, who are fasting. Thousands of people around Hodeida and millions across Yemen will be attempting to celebrate Eid, despite knowing that there is no end in sight for this conflict. Hostilities on all sides must stop. The international community needs to put pressure in the strongest of terms to de-escalate the conflict.”

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