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Islamic Relief for Climate Change

Islamic Relief for Climate Change

Islamic Relief UK are one of the founding members of the Muslim Climate Action network which aims to mobilise Muslims across the UK around Climate Change. Ahead of the Paris Climate Conference in December 2015, IRUK are initiating the Green Torch campaign, a solar powered torch travelling up and down the country to schools and mosques, where they learn about Islam & the environment, speak about climate change and sign the petition asking for the UK government to implement policies that will help reduce global warming as well calling on the wider Muslim community to take action.

On Thursday 5th November, Islamic Relief UK partnered with Manara Education School in which children toured over 25 Mosques in the pouring rains delivering the climate change petition with the Green Torch leading up to the Paris summit. Over 300 children from six school’s took part in Spinney Hill Park, Leicester. The initiative attracted popular attention, with new Lord Mayor of Leicester Ted Cassidy and BBC Radio Leicester following the event.

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