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Islamic Relief calls for immediate ceasefire and protection of aid workers in Idlib as 90% of staff displaced

Islamic Relief is calling for an immediate ceasefire in Idlib, which is going through the biggest wave of displacement since the Syria crisis began nine years ago, according to the UN.

In the past two months, 15 medical facilities supported by Islamic Relief have been damaged or fully destroyed while at least 55 places where the organisation distributes food have been nearly missed by bombing. In the last four weeks alone, our team has recorded 428 strikes near these locations.

Ninety percent of our staff in Idlib and their families have now been forcibly displaced, as have 700,000 people fleeing north in recent days.


Islamic Relief is supporting families who have been affected by the conflict in Syria with assistance including health, food, education, water and sanitation and skills for income generation. Over the past year, we have supported over two million people inside Syria, as well as people affected by the crisis in neighbouring countries (Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon).

Please contact Manal Ameer [email protected] / +44 7742 404 114 for more information or to arrange an interview.

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