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IPCC climate change report – “every fraction of a degree matters”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released a report today on containing average temperature growth within 1.5°C.

In response to this report, Jamie Williams, Senior Policy Advisor for Islamic Relief Worldwide said:

“The Paris target of 1.5°C is hard, but achievable. Every fraction of a degree matters. Aiming for 1.5°C rather than 2°C is highly likely to be the difference between life and death for many.

People are already dying, crops are already threatened, marine and land ecosystems are dying and climate change is affecting everyone. Cutting the emissions that cause climate change means protecting people, our environment and our economies. Delaying action is too expensive to contemplate, as devastating climate impacts will undermine the global economy and threaten humanity itself.

We have the scientific understanding, the technological capacity and the money to tackle climate change. It is the duty of governments to use these findings to step up their climate action commitments in 2018.

In Islam, humankind is entrusted with the care of the Earth. Climate change is profoundly harming the Earth and some of its most vulnerable people. By taking action and calling for governments to increase their commitments, we can fulfil our responsibility to restore natural order and balance.”

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, ‘The world is sweet and verdant, and verily Allah has made you stewards in it, and He sees how you acquit yourselves’ (Hadith related by Abū Sa‘īd Al-Khudr).

Samina Haq, Islamic Relief UK’s Head of Programmes added:

“Climate change is the gravest threat facing humankind. Having recently returned from East Africa, I’ve seen with my own eyes the impact that a changing climate has on people’s lives. Islamic Relief UK is working hard to support communities to adapt to longer periods of drought in countries like Kenya and Ethiopia but we can only do so much. Today’s report is a clear call to action – we must cut our emissions as soon as possible to save lives in the most affected countries.”


Islamic Relief has implemented or is implementing over 50 climate adaptation projects around the world. For more information see “Climate Champions” report.

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