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International charity launches campaign to change lives of Palestinian orphans

International humanitarian aid organisation, Islamic Relief, today (5 February) launched the Children of Palestine appeal. Through the appeal, donors will have the opportunity to change the lives of 500 orphans living in the West Bank and to support other life-changing Islamic Relief programmes in the Palestinian Territories.

Islamic Relief currently supports 8,000 orphaned children across the West Bank and Gaza.

The situation for these children is already dire and, without this support, they have little hope of a better future.

Like any other child around the world, these children have hopes and aspirations of growing up and fulfilling their dreams. Children such as Amara, a quiet 13-year-old supported by a donor, who lives with her mother and two sisters and wants to be a surgeon when she grows up. Her father passed away in 2012. Amara is a great student and on average scores 97 per cent in her work.

Imran Madden, UK Director of Islamic Relief, said:

“Thousands of orphans are suffering in the Palestinian Territories because of conflict and poverty. Many long for a safe place to play and learn while others struggle to access essential medical care and regular meals.

“Many vulnerable children and families are in desperate need. Although, through the generous support of our donors, we already sponsor 8,000 orphans across the West Bank and Gaza, there are many more that need our help and we are asking you to look inside your heart and sponsor a further 500 orphans.

“Please help us to help them.”

By donating to the Children of Palestine appeal, supporters will make a huge difference to the lives of orphans like Ahmed. Supported by a donor, this outgoing young boy lives with his mother and three siblings after his father passed away about seven years ago. Ahmed attends the local primary school, is an excellent student, scoring 90 per cent on average in tests, and his favourite subject is Arabic. When he grows up, Ahmed wants to be an engineer.

One of Islamic Relief’s orphan sponsors is Umm Ali, a mother of three from London who has sponsored 11 children over the years. She says:

“I would encourage as many people as possible to reach out and sponsor an orphan. It is such a blessing to do so. Helping someone in this way during their formative years makes such a difference to you – and them.

“Sponsoring an orphan means that you see great changes in them as they grow up and mature into adulthood. From my experience, you do not know the profound difference you can make to someone’s life in another land until you do so.”

In addition, since 2014, we have been providing life-saving emergency aid and crucial nutritional, educational and psychosocial support to families in the region.

Islamic Relief programmes in the Palestinian Territories range from providing food, education and medical relief to care programmes for traumatised children and a school for deaf children and young people. We also run an Early Detection and Prevention of Hearing and Speech Difficulties programme for children aged four and five, and the Livelihood Creation and Economic Empowerment programme, which gives people the initial financial support they need to start their own small businesses and become self-sufficient.

Donors like Umm Ali are helping to change and save thousands of lives. Lives like Lina’s who is a cheerful five-year-old girl and lives with her mother and two siblings. Her father passed away two years ago. Lina attends her local pre-school, where she is making excellent progress in learning how to read, write and draw. At home, like any other child, she likes to play and watch cartoons.

A donation could transform a child’s life for the better:

  • £35 per month (£420 per year) could sponsor an orphan in need in the West Bank
  • £50 could feed a child and their family for a whole month
  • £80 could provide a child with much-needed schooling
  • £135 could deliver vital psychosocial care for a vulnerable child

To sponsor an orphan or support Islamic Relief’s work in the Palestinian Territories, go to



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