On 5th August 2018, a devastating 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok.

Just one week before, the area had been hit by another earthquake but this time the earthquake was more powerful and the impact far greater. So far, 91 people have died as a result of the disaster and 200 more have been injured. As time passes, these numbers are sadly expected to increase.

Families have lost everything. Houses have collapsed and power and communication lines are down. In the aftermath of the disaster, search and rescue teams are now left with the heartbreaking job of searching for survivors underneath the rubble.

For families whose loved ones are missing, the real magnitude of the disaster is yet to be know.

Islamic Relief on the ground

We’ve been working in Indonesia since 2000 providing critical aid to communities in need.

Following this most recent disaster, we’ll be distributing essential aid including food, water, blankets, mosquito nets and building emergency shelters as part of our immediate rapid response.

As communities have been torn apart, your critical donations will enable us to provide critical relief in this time of crisis.

Help us support a family in need, donate today.

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