The past week’s devastating floods in Kerala, India, have already claimed more than 410 lives according to recent reports.

It is estimated that over 80% of the state is under water forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes. More than a million people are now in about 3,200 relief camps with rebuilding costs estimated at $3 billion.

Islamic Relief India’s Head of Programme, Sibghatullah Ahmed said:

“Many people are still stuck in their houses waiting for search and rescue teams. I can’t even begin to explain how bad these floods are. Thousands are trapped on the rooftops of their homes and more heavy rain is expected. The state-run emergency relief camps are already overflowing, but thousands have no way of reaching them. So many people have lost everything they own and are desperate.”

Islamic Relief is responding

Islamic Relief has been working with local organisations in India since 1994, and has provided emergency relief following several emergencies.

Following this most recent disaster, your donations will help to support emergency relief efforts including provisions for essential household items, hygiene kits, and emergency shelters as part of our immediate rapid response.

As communities have been torn apart, your donations will enable us to provide critical relief during this time of crisis.

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