Every child has a dream. Some dream of fame or stardom, while some yearn to help others as doctors or teachers. A donation of £50 could help educate a child.

 Imagine a life where survival is the only ambition

The dreams of children living in poverty and conflict are often what so many of us take for granted – to be able to go to school, to sleep at night without fear, to have food on the table and hope for the future. Imagine a life where there is no big ambition for ‘when I grow up’ but instead a real question mark over whether you will survive to adulthood at all.

It is children like these that Islamic Relief is supporting and protecting around the world – children for whom your donation can make a life-changing difference.

168 million children engaged in child labour

Life for many of the world’s children is not the stuff of dreams but the stuff of nightmares. Instead of going to school and learning and enjoying their childhood with family and friends, a staggering 168 million children worldwide are engaged in child labour – often in degrading and dangerous conditions.

Millions more lack access to even the most basic education, live in squalid slums, are orphaned with no one to care for them, or have to flee their homes as their countries are torn apart by war.  Our latest video shows the profound impact on children and the challenges they face in today’s world, and the difference you can make by supporting Islamic Relief’s children’s projects today.

Help us give a child a future

Islamic Relief is working hard to reach and support vulnerable children in the many countries where we work.

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