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ieatfoods’s Palestine Appeal Support

ieatfoods’s Palestine Appeal Support

All ieat Foods profits in the last ten days of Ramadan will be matched personally by the team and donated to two UK-based charities, including Islamic Relief UK – find out more about the #last10pledge…

“I know I am not alone in being upset and frustrated by the continuing humanitarian disaster in Palestine. It’s kept me awake at night and it’s leaving me heartbroken.”

Shazia Saleem is the British Muslim entrepreneur who founded ieat Foods, a range of ethically-sourced halal ready meals, on strong principles of community and positive ethics. Now, she’s taken her business’s ethos to a new level, by pledging to donate all profits in the last ten days of Ramadan – a time of heightened spirituality, extra worship and increased blessings – to two UK-based charities, one of which is Islamic Relief UK’s Palestine Emergency Appeal.

“It’s easy to question why such hardships exist,” said Shazia, “but the real question I’ve been asking myself over the last few days in particular is: what can I, as a Muslim, a British citizen, as a business owner, as a human being, do to help?”

Not only will ieat Foods’ profits be donated, but the team behind the business will personally match the amount raised, doubling the grand total to be split equally between Islamic Relief UK and National Zakat Foundation, a charity focusing on distributing zakat within the UK.

It’s a risky move for such a young business, but Shazia and her team’s strong faith gives them conviction that this is the right decision: “It goes to the heart of what we stand for, and I have hope in Allah that He will consider our good intentions and use whatever small amount we are able to raise to help ease the suffering of those in need.”The need in Palestine certainly is great, and Islamic Relief UK’s Director Jehangir Malik wholeheartedly welcomed the commitment: “We are delighted that ieat foods has chosen to donate to Islamic Relief. The situation on the ground in Palestine is dire, with hospitals running out of vital life-saving medical supplies. Every penny we can raise is a positive and it’s great to see a dynamic new British Muslim company doing so much to support this important humanitarian cause.”

As a businesswoman, Shazia has always been inspired by Khadijah, the Prophet Muhammad’s first wife: “As a successful business woman, she financially supported the early Muslim community during an incredibly difficult time. I often wonder what Khadijah would do now if she was around today.”

Shazia is hoping that the pledge – which has been named the #last10pledge in honour of this particularly blessed period of the holy month – will inspire other British Muslim businesses to follow in ieat Foods’ steps and become more charitable.

Find your nearest supermarket stocking ieat Foods (and during the last ten nights when you’re looking to save time and focus on worship, a delicious ready made halal meal will certainly come in handy!) and support the #last10pledge.

Islamic Relief’s Palestine Emergency Appeal is providing relief to victims of the current bombardment, which has killed and injured hundreds of civilians, including women and children. Alongside the vital medical supplies and food we’re already providing to hospitals, we plan to start distributing essential items like blankets, mattresses and hygiene kits to families, along with clean water, gas stoves and emergency lighting.

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