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How Islamic Relief spends Zakat donations

Islamic Relief spends your Zakat in the most effective way possible to relieve the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable people.

How does Islamic Relief spend Zakat donations?

We spend Zakat funds on the first category of Zakat – the poor and needy. As administrators of Zakat, we also take a proportion to cover admin costs of distributing aid (eg the cost of petrol to transport the aid to a remote community). When you make a Zakat donation, we take a fixed amount of 12.5% in admin fees.

How much do you take in admin when I make a Zakat donation?

When you make a Zakat donation, we take a fixed amount of 12.5% to administer that donation.

Do you give Zakat funds to non-Muslims or Muslims only?

We currently give Zakat funds to Muslims only. But this is under review. All other donations are given to people of all faiths and none.

Do you give Zakat funds to people in the UK or only to people overseas?

We assist people with Zakat funds in the UK and overseas, as long as they qualify for it.

Do you have a Zakat policy? Can you share it with me?

We have a zakat policy which has been reviewed by scholars and is available on our website.

Which scholars have you consulted in order to come up with your Zakat policy/guidelines?

We consulted a panel of experts to come up with our Zakat policy and guidelines.

Visit our Zakat page for an extensive list of Zakat FAQs. You can also watch this YouTube video series where scholars answer Zakat related questions.

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