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The power of water

All power belongs to Allah (SWT).

Allah has power over all things, and nothing happens without His authority.

But Allah has given us each power over aspects of our life, and He has given us free will. This Ramadan use your power to send water to those who need it most.

The Power of Water: “Clean water is a blessing”

“When there is no rain, there is nothing to harvest or eat. Our existing waterholes are full of diseases. We try to filter it by tipping water from one bucket into another through a rag, but that only does so much – it doesn’t filter out the toxins.

“Beyond food, drink and washing, we use water to mould sand into bricks – they become homes, schools, mosques, health centres and other buildings.

“Islamic Relief built a solar powered borehole. Clean water is such a blessing, and I thank you for helping us access it.”

Salma, Niger

Here at Islamic Relief, we’re working worldwide in over 40 countries across the globe to ensure that not only do communities have a safe and reliable source of water for today, but for life too.

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