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Ramadan date tins sadaqah box islamic relief uk

Medjool Dates – Ramadan Date Tins

This year, say Ramadan Mubarak with a traditional gift of Palestinian Medjool dates in a collectible Sadaqah box!

Medjool Dates are indigenous to the Jordan Valley in Palestine, and are renowned for being particularly juicy and sweet! It is Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) to eat dates for Iftar and Suhoor, which are a great source of slow-release energy, protein, B vitamins, fibre and potassium, and help to support the immune system and healthy functioning of the body.

Our ornamental tins have been beautifully designed and as well as providing dates for the whole month, they can be displayed and used as Sadaqah collection boxes all year round. With four unique designs, our tins make excellent collectibles for family and friends – not to mention great additions to Ramadan gift hampers!

These dates are a major agricultural product for the region, directly supporting the livelihoods of Palestinian farmers affected by decades of conflict. In addition, all proceeds from our date tin sales will go towards our life-saving work around the world – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

We’ve sold out on all our date tins – they’ll be back soon!

Pick from one of our beautifully designed tins

Ramadan date tins sadaqah box islamic relief uk

East Africa Sadaqah box, 800g Medjool dates

Colourful, bold and beautiful, this date tin is certainly eye-catching! Aiming to capture the vibrancy of East African cultures and heritage, the design embodies the symmetry, balance and patterns characteristic of East African art. The beautiful Sadaqah box can also serve as an ornament or decorative piece, brightening up a room with a rich traditional palette derived from the flags of East Africa.

Palestine Sadaqah box, 800g Medjool dates

This date tin is an expression of Palestinian solidarity, heritage and history. After so many years of turmoil, the design of the tin speaks to the unrelenting strength and rich culture of Palestine. A cause that’s in the heart of Muslim communities across the globe – amid a shared Islamic heritage and the iconic Dome of the Rock – this Sadaqah box is a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting our brothers and sisters in need.

Sham Sadaqah box, 800g Medjool dates

This unique date tin captures the essence of historical Sham. Characterised by its Islamic heritage, the design depicts a traditional masjid, a map of the region and the jasmine flower – a beloved motif of Sham. The region has survived more than a decade of instability, touching the hearts of people across the world. Each Sadaqah box is a message of hope and resilience to share with loved ones and a reminder that Sadaqah can empower communities around the world.

South Asia Sadaqah box, 800g Medjool dates

Emulating truck art which is widespread throughout South Asia, this date tin is an eye-catching conversation-starter and will hold a certain nostalgia for many among the South-Asian community. Truck art refers to the tradition of decorating trucks – and even rickshaws! – in South Asia. It’s a means of self-expression and a way to keep spirits high for truck drivers who are often away from family for months at a time, as they typically contain decorations that remind the driver of home.


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