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Let’s #FastOnWaste this Ramadan!

For many Muslims, Ramadan is a month that inspires reflection on our relationship with food. How much it nourishes and sustains us, and how it unites us in community and tradition. Fasting gives us the opportunity to consider the amount of food we consume and empathise with those less fortunate, who often must go without it.

As such, Ramadan is interlaced with food stories which form an intrinsic part of our experience during this holy month. It provides a spiritual connection and feed not only our stomachs, but our souls. 

However, this connection to food also raises a concerning alarm over the increasing amount of food waste that takes place in Ramadan. This is not only inconsistent with the teachings of Islam but, is also a significant contributor to climate change. 

Why food waste?

The global food system is responsible for 25-30% of all greenhouse gases. At every stage of its journey, the food that we eat, draws on resources from our planet and emits greenhouse gases. When food is wasted, not only are all the resources that went into producing and transporting also wasted – causing unnecessary greenhouse emissions – but food sent to landfills decomposes and produces methane gas, which is one of the most potent of all greenhouse gases. 

Allah created the earth and all its resources as an Amanah (trust) to humans – we are responsible for its proper use and preservation. This Ramadan, we are encourage you to consider your own relationship with food and join us in doing your part to reduce food waste this month and ultimately save our planet. 

Iftar foods

How can you get involved?

Join us this Ramadan as we #FastOnWaste:

  • Take on the food waste challenge: Get thrifty with the food you already have, and tell others to join in.
  • Check out our latest blog for tips: ‘Nine ways to cut back on food waste this Ramadan #FastOnWaste’
  • Update us: Let us know how you’re getting on and don’t forget to add #FastOnWaste and tag @IslamicReliefUK on social media.

Resources for children

Are you looking for ways to keep your children entertained this Easter break? Check out the resources we have created which include fun – as well as climate friendly – activities to keep young minds and hands busy this Ramadan. It’s fun for adults too!

Resources for mosques

Islamic Relief’s ‘Greening Our Mosques’ initiative seeks to empower mosques to make environment-conscious changes to our places of worship and take the lead in championing climate action in Muslim communities across the UK. 

If you’re part of a mosque committee, or an active volunteer, check out our new ‘Greening Our Mosques Guide’ which is packed with ideas on how you can get involved.

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