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Donating Qurbani to Palestine

Our Palestine Qurbani Programme

Giving Qurbani (a sacrifice) is a sacred act of worship highly encouraged by Allah (SWT). While it is recommended to split your Qurbani between yourself, your family, your friends and those in need, many Muslims instead prefer to have their Qurbani performed in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. When you donate your Qurbani to Islamic Relief, we distribute all three parts to those in need.

Our Palestine Qurbani programme provides meat, an essential resource for many, to thousands of disadvantaged families in Gaza, whose only meat source this year will be your Qurbani donation.

In 2022, Islamic Relief carried out almost 2, 200 Qurbanis in Gaza, reaching  over 183,400 people Alhamdullilah.

How much is Qurbani in Palestine?

Palestine falls into the category Group E, which includes the countries of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkiye.

Donate your Qurbani in Palestine

It is advisable to give as early as possible. At Islamic Relief, we strive to implement the Qurbani sacrifice over 3 days (10th to 12th Dhul Hijjah).
By selecting to give one Prophetic Qurbani, you will be carrying out two Qurbanis in Palestine.

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[SOLD OUT] Group E Prophetic Qurbani - £638

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How to do Qurbani in Palestine?

Slaughtering an animal for Qurbani (sacrifice) has slightly different guidelines than normal.

It is essential that the slaughter is carried out humanely following Qurbani rules.

Each of our field offices across the world takes careful measures to ensure that the slaughtering of animals is carried out locally and humanely, and according to Qurbani rules.

Below are some of the rules that should be followed:

  • A sharp knife must be used to carry out the Qurbani – dull knives may inflict unnecessary pain and suffering
  • Knives must not be sharpened in front of the sacrificial animal
  • No animal can be slaughtered in front of another animal
  • When the sacrifice is being made, the words “Bismillah Allahu Akbar” must be recited
  • The animal cannot be skinned until the body is entirely cold

How to distribute Qurbani meat in Palestine?

Our Islamic Relief field office in Palestine source and purchase local livestock and is responsible for the slaughtering locally. After the animal has been sacrificed, its meat is then distributed to those most in need.

If there are issues with livestock supply in Palestine, or in any particular country (due to limited local supply, natural disaster etc.), then animals are sourced and slaughtered abroad, and then shipped to the affected countries. All animals are sacrificed according to Islamic guidelines.

Your Palestine Qurbani in action

In 2022, your Qurbani donations reached over 183,400 people in Gaza, alhamdullilah!

Each day, the people of Gaza face dire living conditions due to ongoing war and conflict in the region. Damaged infrastructure and sanctions prevent many from accessing fundamental needs such as clean drinking water, food, education facilities and more.

Without the resources to maintain livestock, many are forced to go without.

However, each year, your Qurbani donations help bring life to communities in Gaza -strengthening livelihoods and bringing families together for the festive days of Eid Al-Adha! Your Qurbani donations make all the difference to families during their time of need.

Donate Qurbani and make your sacrifice today.

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