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Rainwater Storage Cellar

Rainwater Storage Cellar: Providing water for drinking and irrigation

Rural farmers depend on the resources available to them in their immediate environment and a shortage of water can be deadly. In some environment’s rainfall is seasonal, with heavy rains followed by long periods of time with no rainfall at all. Ensuring water is effectively captured during heavy rainfall is essential to ensuring survival during the long dry months.

One effective remedy to the lack of water in some places has been to build large water storage cellars that effectively capture large quantities of rainwater during the rainy season, which is then utilised for drinking purposes as well as for irrigation of crops.

Thanks to these specialised cellars, thousands of farmers have been able to access clean drinking water right on their doorstep, and are no longer forced to worry about finding safe, clean water for themselves, their crops and their livestock.

Providing water for life

Here at Islamic Relief, we’re working worldwide in over 40 countries across the globe to ensure that not only do communities have a safe and reliable source of water for today, but for life too.

When we build a water system, we ensure communities have a sustainable source of clean water for years to come. We recognise the risk of drought, displacement and disease and with over thirty years of expertise we know that simply drilling wells and installing water pumps cannot solve the water crisis.

We bypass short-term interventions and high running costs to instead provide long-term sustainable solutions; installing irrigation systems, building water tanks, training communities, distributing hygiene kits and rehabilitating viable water systems.

Help us to provide men, women and children clean and safe water, an essential we all take for granted.

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