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Youth and family development

Helping to shape positive communities

When communities feel integrated and empowered, the positive effects last for generations. Working with youth groups and families – in particular BAME communities – across the UK through partnerships with dedicated local and national organisations, we’re helping to shape positive communities over the long term.

By providing emotional, financial and social support, we’re helping communities to grow, develop and become more inclusive, protected and empowered.


Young people with hearing impairments (HI) face many specific challenges throughout their lives, such as accessing the right educational support, social isolation and a higher risk of depression and anxiety. For hearing impaired youth within Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in particular, there are major gaps in opportunities for social and personal development.

At Islamic Relief, we believe that everyone should have the means and support to thrive and build a bright future. That’s why we’ve partnered with Deaf World to support their dedicated youth leadership programme. Facilitated by youth workers and deaf facilitators together with qualified interpreters, the project supports young people’s personal development.

This programme helps young people to increase their own sense of self-esteem and tackles social isolation by increasing their opportunities to make friends, whilst crucially helping participants to build communication skills and develop a strong sense of leadership.


Scouting provides a powerful platform for young people to develop into well rounded, pro-social citizens who celebrate difference and are curious about the faiths, beliefs and attitudes of others. However, whilst young Muslims make up 6.3% of the UK population, they account for only 0.05% of young people in Scouting.

At Islamic Relief, we’re passionate about supporting active citizenship and inclusion. That’s why we’re supporting The Scout Association to create 36 new Scouting sections to reach a total of 540 young Muslims across the UK.

Young Muslims involved in the Scout movement are gaining a wide-range of skills and experience which are crucial in helping to build the capacity of local communities to create positive change focussed on adventure, leadership, skills for life (school, work and social life), wellbeing, connectedness and citizenship.


Approachable Parenting is an award-winning organisation which provides parenting courses and parent-coaching to Muslim families, in addition to accredited training developed by Muslim clinical psychologists and parenting experts.

Their “Five Pillars of Parenting” programme is built within an Islamic framework, focusing on:

  • Character: Identifying the importance of good character, morals, personality, and behaviour
  • Knowledge: Learning new skills and strategies and acting on this knowledge
  • Action: Putting learning into practice to achieve results
  • Steadfastness: Dedicating oneself to overcoming difficulties
  • Positive relationships: Strengthening family bonds and developing positive permanent relationships

In partnership with Islamic Relief, Approachable Parenting has established trainers and free programmes in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford to serve parents with children between the ages of 4-11 years.

Providing 1:1 support for families who are facing complex issues, the project also refers clients on to local services, develops peer support networks for parents/guardians and trains teens in physical and mental health.


n partnership with Green Lane Mosque, we’re working to ensure longevity of their welfare and youth services by providing financial support and critical resources to manage services. This will ensure that they can continue to be run efficiently.

The community centre at Green Lane Mosque holds the second largest Scout group in the region. With over 120 children, the Scouts group is part of the larger Scout’s federation.

The group aims to address the issue of antisocial behaviour among youth by providing them with an alternative, safe space to socialise, develop core life-skills and focus on their personal development.

The Scouts club will run:

  • Group camp
  • Section camps
  • Duke of Edinburgh expeditions

All this will provide young people with good role models, who are approachable, non-judgemental and inspiring, guiding the children’s thinking, behaviour and conduct.

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