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Empowering women

Working to secure and protect the wellbeing of women

We’re committed to supporting vulnerable populations across the UK. And with one half of the population still facing a range of social and economic challenges, we’ve partnered with a range of organisations working to support vulnerable women.

We’re working to secure and protect the wellbeing of women, so that women can thrive and live a life free from fear and abuse and thrive in every area of their lives.


Across English and Wales, 1.6 million women are affected by domestic abuse a year.

Without the right support, daily life can be immensely challenging and the future bleak for those struggling with their mental health, financial worries or the fear of repercussions from their (former) partner.

We’ve partnered with Advance – a London-based organisation specialised in providing dedicated one-to-one support for survivors of domestic violence – to help women in crisis.

With specialised advice and consultations and a newly created role of specialist domestic abuse support worker, staff can work with specialist agencies and advocate on behalf of women in need, referring clients to health services, liaising with the police and providing critical legal representation.


Unemployed women living in poverty face a myriad of challenges finding secure and appropriately paid employment. Following Oxfam’s successful pilot of the Future Skills project in Manchester, Islamic Relief partnered with Oxfam to expand the initiative across the UK.

The second phase of this project was designed to up-skill refugee and migrant women based in London who are in real need of work to support themselves and their families.

The project included:

  • A tailored volunteer placement in an Oxfam shop for a minimum of eight hours a week for six months
  • In-shop training on retail management, customer service, inventory control and other transferable skills
  • Mentoring by qualified independent mentors and additional peer-to-peer networking and support
  • Personal development and employability workshops
  • Assistance to overcome barriers to engagement including child care provision

Through the support of the programme, participating women gained solid work experience, boosted their self-confidence and received crucial training and advice to help them find appropriate work following the six-month placement.


For women who’ve fled their homes following emotional, physiological, financial and/or sexual abuse, starting again can be extremely difficult. What’s more once the winter cold sets in, without adequate resources to pay electricity bills and buy winter woollies, vulnerable women risk severe ill-health.

That’s why we teamed up with Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid (BSWAID) to support their Fuel Poverty Project and provide women with the resources they need to survive the winter. This has helped to lower the risk of women returning to an abusive home, enabling them to keep safe and start a new life free from abuse.

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