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Write to your sponsored orphan family

Sponsoring an orphan family can be more than just a monthly donation that helps change their future. You can help make a difference with words of encouragement too.

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Other ways to write to get in touch with your sponsored orphan family

1. Emails:

Donors can contact their sponsored orphan family by emailing any letters and photographs via the IRUK Orphans Team. Islamic Relief’s UK Orphans team check the letters are suitable and then forward them onto the relevant Field Officer who is responsible for directly checking on the wellbeing of our orphan family. The Field Officer will ensure the sponsored family receive the letter.

2. Calls:

There are strict parameters when it comes to donor contact with their sponsored orphan family: the guardian needs to give their consent; then the children and their guardian need to come to the local Islamic Relief office – and the donor must cover the transport costs of getting them to the office. The call must be made to the office; it can last a maximum of one hour; and it can only take place once a year.

4. Visit:

It may be possible for a donor to meet their sponsored orphan family. Islamic Relief UK would first have to receive agreement from the local Islamic Relief office, the children and their guardian. The meeting is likely to be held in the local Islamic Relief office for safe-guarding reasons. Any UK-based individual requesting a visit will have to be Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) approved.

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