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an islamic relief staff member in turkiye and a child looking at eid gifts

Ensuring child safeguarding and welfare in our Orphan Sponsorship programme

Islamic Relief’s actions are inspired and grounded by our values, which hold us responsible for ensuring that children are protected against all forms of harm and abuse. 

Protection and safety for the orphans under our care is of utmost importance to Islamic Relief. 

Islamic Relief has a Safeguarding Policy to ensure the health and wellbeing of those we work with, and to help create a culture of safeguarding across all levels of the organisation.

It is mandatory for all those representing Islamic Relief to understand, implement and adhere to all the guidelines outlined in our policy. Read more about our commitment to safeguarding here.

Ensuring children’s welfare and care 

We ensure the following procedures in our Orphan Sponsorship Programme, to maintain transparency, fairness and high-standards and so that orphans and their families are provided with the highest level of care.

  • Every sponsored child is assigned a dedicated field officer who ensures their welfare and provides an annual report beneficial for individual donors. 
  • The project also includes monitoring of sponsored families, guaranteeing that they receive all advantages of sponsorship, including essential health checks, education and housing assessments, and improvements when possible.
  • We ensure that those most in need receive support: Each Country office has its own scoring system which assesses the situation of the child’s family based on certain criteria, such as housing conditions, income and health.
  • Regular safeguarding training for Islamic Relief staff across the globe.
Islamic Relief welfare officer and Halima

Measures we take to ensure child safety

Islamic Relief staff ensure the personal information of sponsored orphans and their families is protected. We do not publish their contact details in order to protect their safety and preserve their privacy.

Instead, donors can contact their sponsored orphan through letters and emails via Islamic Relief who will review the suitability of the content. The orphan may reply, however they are under no obligation to.

We also ensure child safety and protection with regards to visits. Donors can visit their sponsored orphan, however this will be at their own cost and risk. The visits are limited and are situated in the Islamic Relief office, with a welfare officer present. The office will need a months’ notice in order to accommodate the visit and no unannounced visits are permitted. 

Islamic Relief also ensures that photos of orphans are taken only with their consent, and are for the purpose of passing on relevant information. Photos are not to be copied or distributed without the permission of Islamic Relief.

At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply providing one-off care to support children and orphans in need. Instead, we invest in their future and provide long-term support for their families, carers, and local communities to provide long-lasting, safe and sustainable solutions to poverty and inequality. 

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