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Paediatric healthcare

For communities in poverty-stricken areas around the world, a lack of infrastructure, particularly in healthcare, provides an added strain to those struggling with the daily reality of poverty. Without the necessary resources to provide adequate care, specifically paediatric care, lives are continuously at risk.

Here at Islamic Relief, we believe that every child deserves the very best start in life. A safe home and place to play, access to quality education, and good nutrition are all part of what it takes to give children around the world an opportunity for a brighter future. Medical and health care is also vital, but tragically, it is among the many necessities that are out of reach for 1 in 5 children living in extreme poverty worldwide.

In countries such as Gaza and Syria where general infrastructure, including medical and health care centres, are often destroyed due to war and conflict, children are at higher risk of mortality. A lack of resources means an inability to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of children who have been wounded with life-threatening injuries.

In impoverished communities around the world, a lack of food and poor living conditions can often mean malnutrition and the effects of disease spread and outbreak. The risks for vulnerable children are high. In communities that are remote and in hard-to-reach areas, access to health care is even more limited.

Islamic Relief is on the ground, supporting health centres and mobile health clinics that provide a crucial service to thousands of people in need, particularly children.In line with local needs and requirements, Islamic Relief ensures that paediatric care is available to children that need the right care and support to survive their circumstances.

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