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Mobile health clinics

Each year, millions of people face the terrifying impact of poverty, caused by often uncontrollable factors such as natural or climate disasters, economic decline, war and conflict, disease outbreak and more.

When disaster strikes, the loss of vital infrastructure such as buildings, roads and power supplies can cut people off from lifesaving and immediate aid, including urgent medical care. In the aftermath of a calamity, a lack of access to fundamental resources that help rebuild lives, such as medical and health care, food and water, education and more, have a huge impact on the future of vulnerable people.

Tragically, whole communities often have no choice but to flee their homes, their belongings and lifesaving infrastructure, leaving them vulnerable to the dangers of mass displacement.

Since 1984, Islamic Relief has been on a mission to alleviate poverty from millions of vulnerable people around the world who have no armour against the impact of these crises.

For displaced communities, who live in remote areas or informal settlements there is virtually nowhere to turn for the urgent assistance that they need. At Islamic Relief, we believe that it is the fundamental right of people to have access to the medical care they need and we’re on a mission to continue providing adaptive solutions for displaced communities.

In places such as Gaza, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan and Ethiopia, vulnerable people are at risk and have free access to our mobile health clinics with fully trained clinicians, which is a lifeline to thousands of vulnerable people. 

With your support, we can continue to provide urgent medical care to those in remote and hard to reach areas, during and after a crisis. Your donations help sustain and save precious lives.

Learn more about the work we do to provide healthcare to people in need worldwide.

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