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Emergency Medical Equipment

“…and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity”

Qur’an | 5:32

Since 1984, Islamic Relief has been working to alleviate poverty around the world. When disaster strikes, we are there, responding to the crisis and assisting with relief efforts by meeting the immediate and ongoing needs of vulnerable people.

However, in areas affected by war and conflict and natural and climate disasters, extreme dangers that occur as a result often provide obstacles to delivering immediate aid, including emergency medical equipment.

In a crisis, emergency medical equipment and health care saves lives. Quality emergency medical equipment and supplies such as bandages, medications, and anaesthetics are made available to health centres to treat those who are most in need. In parts of the world that do not have the infrastructure to support the medical needs of a population when disaster strikes, it is imperative that we get emergency equipment and supplies to medical and health care centres, as alternative medical care is not always available.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, emergency equipment and medical supplies were needed more than ever while medical and health care workers navigated the risks and limitations posed by the virus alongside the urgent medical needs of those in distress. In circumstances such as these, your support for emergency and medical equipment can be the difference between life and death for someone in desperate need.

For decades and during our time on the ground, Islamic Relief has witnessed what a rapid medical response can do for lives in danger, not only at the time of crisis, but having the right medical supplies in place helps communities respond to future crises.

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