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A patient lies in a hospital bed receiving dialysis and speaks to doctor.

Dialysis Support

Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty are also contending with the effects of illness and disease without treatment. In regions such as north-western Syria in particular, thousands of people are suffering from kidney disease and failure. 

Malnutrition due to a lack of food, unsafe water sources, stressful and impoverished living conditions, physical injury without treatment and more are all potential causes of kidney disease and kidney failure.

However, for communities in areas with little to no health infrastructure, either due to war and conflict, a declining economy or natural and climate disasters, access to the right medical and health care is out of reach. This leaves many suffering with painful illnesses and disease with nowhere to turn.

At Islamic Relief, we believe that everyone has the right to lifesaving health and medical care. Alongside providing immediate and long term, sustainable solutions to poverty, Islamic Relief is dedicated to providing those in need with access to the care that they need. This includes supporting health centres and mobile health clinics to provide dialysis support to those suffering with kidney disease. 

Dialysis support is a lifesaving treatment for patients with kidney disease, by removing waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys have stopped working or aren’t working as they should. However due to the expensive nature of the treatment it’s not accessible for many. The free treatment we provide means that the financial burden is lifted for those in need and thereby allowing them access to this lifesaving care.

In 2021, Islamic Relief assisted over 578,000 people in need by providing essential drugs, health clinics, mobile units, dialysis centres, a heart surgery centre with supplies, staff training and running costs.

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