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a girl in hijab leaning over the table with a sewing machine in front of her vocational training

Vocational Training

Just £5 a month can help provide vocational training for a young adult
Just £10 a month can help provide vocational training for two young adults
Just £15 a month can help provide vocational training for three young adults
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Vocational Training: New skills for brighter futures

Undergoing vocational training is a great way to learn new skills to start a new business and develop a sustainable source of income. At Islamic Relief, we train those who’ve been unable to gain an education in critical trades such as carpentry, electrical repairs, hairdressing, mobile phone repair, and sewing so they can work for themselves and support their families.

To enable these communities to find employment or set up a business, we provide critical training in practical skills to locals. At the end of their training, they can apply for equipment grants, loans, or join existing projects.

They are also supported with business plans and start-up toolkits to ensure that they’re supported every step of the way on their new venture.

Funding futures and transforming lives

At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply distributing aid to communities in need. We instead fund futures. We aim to give the poorest and most vulnerable people across the world a chance to transform their lives for the better.

By empowering people to increase their own household income and break out of the brutal cycle of poverty, they have the ability to provide for themselves and their families for generations to come.

We offer environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions to poverty. We don’t believe in relying on hand-to-mouth support. We strive to protect the dignity, independence and future of everyone we meet.

We’re not only transforming futures; we’re saving lives.

Save a life today, donate to Islamic Relief.

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