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teacher helping a student in syria

Teacher Salaries


can provide a school desk and chair for a student

can provide a child with a space in a new school

can support the education of a child with special needs

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At Islamic Relief, we believe that every child and adult has the fundamental right to an education. Having access to an education opens the doors for employment and livelihoods, health, and an overall reduction in poverty. Crucially, it also promotes community wellbeing from a social justice perspective – education provides a medium to promote gender equality and more.

However, in some of the world’s developing and low-income countries, access to education poses one of the biggest threats to breaking free from the poverty cycle. Education comes in many forms, between academic and hygiene education, those who don’t have access to an education are at a severe disadvantage now and in the future.

We believe that part of delivering effective education to children and adults is built on good teaching delivered by dedicated teachers. Covering teacher salaries guarantees that the level and quality of education students receive can be consistently maintained.

In 2021 alone, Islamic Relief was able to support more that 103,000 children and adults in getting access to a quality education by supporting teachers’ salaries.Ensuring that there is a team of dedicated staff in schools also means providing adequate equipment and training for teachers to be able to deliver high-quality lessons to students. Providing teachers with the security that they need to overcome the challenges faced in the education sector benefits students from a variety of backgrounds. As we support education for both children and adults, our teachers’ ability to tailor education for all students is paramount. By covering teacher salaries, we are supporting teachers to support those in need – opening the right doors for a much brighter future and a chance to break free from the poverty cycle.

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