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Support for children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities


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At Islamic Relief, we believe that every child has a fundamental right to an education. In some of the world’s poorest and developing countries, more than 72 million children don’t have access to schooling. This has a detrimental impact on their ability to break free from the poverty cycle as they age.

For children with special education needs, the number is even higher, as the necessary facilities to make schooling accessible for all children are not there.

War, conflict, economic decline, natural and climate disasters all play a part in an infrastructure that cannot support its population during a time of crisis or poverty. In many regions across the world, and for many impoverished communities, there is often no time to recover between disasters. Mass displacement due to war and conflict is also a major factor in why children with special education needs may never have the opportunity to access a life changing education.

Providing educational opportunities for children with disabilities is deemed a luxury in some parts of the world, for aforementioned circumstances and more. As a result, millions of children miss out on an education because there are no appropriate facilities in place for children with special needs.

We want children with special needs to access schooling and further education so they can take part in their communities, and even have the chance to earn a livelihood and support their families who care for them. Education is paramount for those struggling with poverty, as it opens doors to health, community wellbeing, livelihoods and ultimately, an opportunity to break free from the poverty cycle.

Carefully assessing needs and tailoring our support for resources and education for children with special educational needs is integral to alleviating poverty in communities.

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