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At Islamic Relief, we believe that every child has a fundamental right to an education. In some of the world’s poorest and developing countries, over 58 million children of primary school age don’t have access to a basic education. This has a detrimental impact on their ability to break free from the poverty cycle as they age.

A number of forces work against impoverished communities. When war, conflict, economic decline, natural or climate disasters occur, communities struggling with poverty just do not have the infrastructure to support the population in their time of crisis. Poverty thrusts people into desperate situations, and many children often have no choice but to become part of the labour force to help provide for their families at a young age.

This prevents millions of children from accessing education and going to school, and even when they do, they sometimes do not have the infrastructure to support children with the necessary resources in their schooling, ultimately inhibiting their progress and their futures.

While Islamic Relief continues to support children into an education by refurbishing schools, covering teaching salaries and even providing adaptive solutions for remote communties such as mobile schools, many still don’t have access to vital resources that help children learn. Basic school essentials like a school bag, a hygiene kit, and warm clothes have a huge impact on attendance. Some of these essentials are too costly for many families around the world and affect the quality of education that children receive.

Islamic Relief is dedicated to supporting children in education by providing them with these basic essentials. Thanks to your vital support, Islamic Relief has been able to support over 285,000 education projects across 21 countries, a big part of that has included the basic essentials you have helped to supply to those in need. 

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