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multiple classrooms with equipment built in ethiopia by islamic relief building schools

Building Schools


can provide a school desk and chair for a student

can provide a child with a space in a new school

can support the education of a child with special needs

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Around the world, millions of children are deprived of an adequate education. Where poverty occurs as a result of war and conflict, natural and climate disasters, economic decline and more, access to education is often extremely limited, if not completely non-existent.

Whole communities that live in remote or hard to reach areas, are forced into displacement, or have no infrastructure to support a functioning school, have no choice but to travel for miles in order to reach schools, or not attend at all. Without access to a safe school building, children may be vulnerable to a multitude of risks. What’s more, a lack of schooling means that children may have no choice but to enter the labour force at a young age to help provide for families that are struggling, increasing their exposure to danger.

At Islamic Relief, we believe that every child has the fundamental right to a quality education. Providing access to an education can mean the difference between a life trapped in the poverty cycle, and a much brighter future. 

Building schools allows children to resume their learning process in a quality manner, providing them with a chance to learn in a safe and dignified environment. Having a safe learning space will allow them to acquire better academic achievements for their future.

Long-term schooling allows teachers, students, and parents to feel a sense of stability and safety despite living in difficult circumstances. Your vital support goes towards creating this safe environment for millions of children around the world who deserve a safe space to learn, grow, and play, as well as some of the same opportunities for their future. A safer and secure future starts with new school construction for children otherwise trapped in the poverty cycle.

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