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Pakistan floods: Rebuilding homes

Rebuilding homes and lives 

Islamic Relief have been on the ground in Pakistan, helping families to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the floods

Balochistan and Sindh provinces were the hardest hit by the floods, where demolished public infrastructure and stagnant water posed a great threat to the population. 

With your vital support, Islamic Relief is building homes in some of the worst flood-affected districts of Dadu and Sohbatpur. So far, we have built 6,420 permanent homes for families affected by the floods. 

Build houses in Pakistan

Islamic Relief Pakistan has now started building houses for families who lost everything. Please donate generously and help rebuild lives in Pakistan.

One share of a house (£250)

Build a complete house - £2,000

Build a complete house for a family, each house will include a living space, a kitchen (equipped with a stove), and a bathroom.
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Provide homes to families like Dil Murad's

When the devastating floods of September 2022 hit, Dil Murad’s home it washed away his entire life. As well as responding during an emergency, we keep working long afterwards to make sure that the community gets back on its feet.

Ensuring the most vulnerable are protected

Families affected by the crisis now have a home to protect them from the elements and a chance to rebuild their lives. The homes include a living space, a kitchen (equipped with a stove), and a bathroom. They are built with inclusion measures in mind to support the elderly and persons with disabilities, such as widened doors, a ramp, and a commode chair in the bathroom. 

We’re working with local communities to identify and serve those who are most vulnerable, including:

  • Women and child-headed households.
  • Families with persons suffering from disabilities.
  • Those without the means to rebuild their homes.

However, due to the immense scale of the flooding, we still have a long way to go to ensure that more families have permanent homes. Many are still living in temporary accommodation, where they face little protection from the elements. 

Sher’s story

“The floods destroyed everything we had,” says 39-year-old Sher, who lives with his wife and six children in the Quetta district of Balochistan.

a pakistani man wearing a blue top named sher looking to camera
In the whole of my life I have never witnessed such heavy rains.

said Sher.

Sher’s meagre crops were wiped out, forcing him to rely on an uncertain income from casual labour to feed his family, and his former home was reduced to a shell. Islamic Relief enabled the family to rebuild their house by providing them with the materials needed — a door, window, air vent, large bamboo canes, girders and roofing material.

When we provide building materials or build new homes for people, our aim is to build back better by ensuring that houses are flood and earthquake resilient. 

Many families are still in urgent need of homes, as they continue to live in temporary shelter, or in the worst cases, in the open air. Please donate now to help vulnerable families rebuild their lives. 

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