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Floods crisis watch

Floods Crisis: Millions are homeless, hungry, and in desperate need of help. 

Communities have been left devastated as severe flooding has struck large areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and most recently Afghanistan, tragically taking over 1,000 lives and leaving millions of people vulnerable.

Homes and buildings have been destroyed, and many have lost their livestock and livelihoods as cropland has been submerged. Millions are homeless, hungry, and in desperate need of help. 

Islamic Relief are on the ground supporting affected families who need food, shelter, bedding, and hygiene items, but we urgently need help to continue this vital work.

We are now at a critical stage with more rain expected in some areas over the coming weeks, and there are very real fears of the situation getting even worse. 

Please donate generously to our Emergency Response Fund to help provide some respite to those whose lives have been destroyed, and to protect other families from following the same fate.

Without your help, thousands will face a life without their fundamental needs, livelihoods, homes and precious belongings.

Pakistan: Flash flooding has affected 2.3 million people

Pakistan is currently experiencing extremely heavy rainfall in all provinces in Pakistan, resulting in catastrophic flash flooding across the country, affecting 2.3 million people.

According to the most recent reports, at least 900 people have tragically lost their lives. Almost half a million homes have been damaged and the loss of livestock has been estimated at around 700,000.

Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Punjab have been most severely affected.

Islamic Relief have provided cash grants to 1,120 families to help them get back on their feet. We have also distributed 800 food packs containing staple food items such as flour, rice and oil, as well as kitchen sets, hygiene kits and tents. With your help, we are also planning to provide shelter to over 4,000 families who have lost their homes and are spending their days and nights under the open sky.

Afghanistan: Families pushed even further 

In Afghanistan, at least 95 people have lost their lives amid severe flooding in ten provinces. Hundreds have been reported injured, and thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed.

Families in Afghanistan are already suffering from the effects of a severe humanitarian crisis amid drought, conflict, political instability and the aftermath of an earthquake which hit Eastern Afghanistan in June, also causing widespread destruction. Many people do not know where their next meal is coming from, and malnutrition is rife among women and children. There are fears that the flooding will push those already suffering to the brink of survival. 

Logar, Nangarhar and Kabul have been most severely-affected by the flooding. Islamic Relief already have a presence in Nangahar and Kabul and our teams are currently establishing the most effective way to support those in need.

Families are in desperate need of food, shelter and medicine, as well as support to help rebuild their lives.

Sudan: Flooding is an annual occurrence

In Sudan, flash flooding has killed at least 90 people and washed away homes.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, around 9,000 homes lie in ruins while another 20,000 have been damaged by the deluge.

Vital infrastructure such as healthcare, water sources and toilets are damaged or washed away, and land needed for growing crops and grazing livestock inundated.

Devastating flooding is becoming an annual occurrence in Sudan, as climate change makes natural disasters increasingly frequent and intense. Islamic Relief has been providing humanitarian aid in the country for nearly 40 years, and is responding to this latest disaster.

We are prioritising affected areas in which we are already delivering humanitarian and development assistance, with survival items, food packs and water, sanitation and hygiene items.

Bangladesh: Four million people left stranded 

North-east Bangladesh is still suffering from the worst flooding the region has seen in more than a century, which struck in May and again in June 2022. Dozens of people have lost their lives, and more than four million people have been left stranded as heavy monsoon rains led to rivers bursting their banks.

Communities in low-lying areas in Sylhet and Sunamganj have been deluged. Homes and schools as well as vital infrastructure such as power supply lines, water sources and roads are all damaged.

Without vital aid and intervention, many will continue to suffer beyond the crisis.

Islamic Relief has been working in Bangladesh for over 30 years, and is responding now. As well as hiring boats to reach stranded people, we will be distributing food, water purification and hygiene items.

Please donate generously to our Emergency Response fund so we can continue our life-saving work to support vulnerable families across the world.

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