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AimIR – Volunteer leadership programme

Award-winning Volunteer Leadership Programme

AimIR is our pioneering award-wining volunteer leadership training programme which works to empower volunteers in their lifesaving journey. Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award (2018), this year-long programme is delivered through a range of accredited training, workshops, study tours and experiential learning.

In return for your commitment, time and dedication through the programme, we will equip you with essential leadership and life-skills, enabling you to make a key difference in your future endeavours.

Now in its fifth year, the 12-month course starts in September and finishes in August the following year. So, if you are already an Islamic Relief volunteer then this programme is perfect for you!

“I would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to make a difference, work on their own self-development, confidence and gain new friends, skills and experiences to enrol onto this programme. It has helped shape me into a more self-aware, hopeful and confident person. Life as a volunteer and VLP member has meaning and purpose far greater than life as an average 22-year-old.”

Dedicated Charity Week volunteer Sabiha Patel.

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