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Categories – Lifesaver Awards 2018

Find out more about each award category below, and see which volunteer have been selected as the finalists and winners for each award.

Volunteering Awards

Dr Hany El-Banna Award (Lifetime Achievement Award)

A special award to recognise a long serving volunteer who has continued to show loyalty and commitment to the Islamic Relief family. The candidate is a role model to other volunteers and to the wider community for their contribution to this sector.

The winner will be selected by the awards judging panel at Islamic Relief UK

[WINNER] Hafsa Salim Logat

UK Director’s Award (Volunteer of the Year)

This award is to recognise a long standing volunteer who has sacrificed their time and devoted their energy to pursue excellence in their volunteering role over the previous year (1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018). This will be awarded to a volunteer who has demonstrated leadership skills, and has been a great team player contributing to the well-being of the volunteering team.

The nominee must also have shown innovation and creativity in their approach, and has made a significant impact in the community who in turn have continued to save lives.


  • Aaminah Wali (Scotland)
  • [WINNER] Akeel Ghaffar (Scotland)
  • Mubeen Hussain (London & South)
  • Safina Sajid (North West)

The Ambassador (Regional Volunteer of the Year)

This award is to recognise long standing volunteers who have sacrificed their time and devoted their energy to pursue excellence in their volunteering role during the year (1st July 2017 to 30th June 2018) within their region.

These volunteers have been dedicated to the cause, getting involved in all aspects of the work and have been a great team player. One winner will be selected per region.

This category finalist will be provided by their respective regional staff and will be awarded by the judges of the selection panel at Islamic Relief UK. 

Finalists for East Midlands

  • Adil Nanabawa
  • Aneesa Latkan Seedat
  • Saima Hassam
  • [WINNER] Sumayya Memoniat


Finalists for London & South

  • [WINNER] Hassan Shahid
  • Hafsah Mufti
  • Mohammed Hussain
  • Muhit Chowdhury

Finalists for North East

  • Mohammed Hamed
  • [WINNER] Muzzamil Khan
  • Saffiya Syeed
  • Umaimah Fadia

Finalists for North West

  • Bilquis Hatihead
  • Hamza Adams
  • [WINNER] Naleem Shah
  • Sameera Ahmed

Finalists for Scotland

  • Fizza Naveed
  • Haroon Usman
  • Rehaan Aatif
  • [WINNER] Zainab Faizlaine

Finalists for Wales

  • Adnan Rahman
  • Amana Haq
  • [WINNER] Haneefa Qureshi
  • Syed Shamil Ahmed

Finalists for West Midlands

  • Asem Al-Himyari
  • [WINNER] Dua & Aamna
  • Maureen Jacques
  • Nasiruddin Mohamed

The Social Guru (Social Media Ambassador of the Year)

A real ambassador of Islamic Relief who has shown commitment, dedication and innovation in engaging people on social media to promote Islamic Relief’s work.


  • Abdul Samad (London & South)
  • [WINNER] Amara Hassan & Rehaan Aatif (Scotland)
  • Aisha Ismail (East Midlands)
  • Shehzad Modoolla (North East)

The Champion (Community Impact Award)

To recognise a volunteer run project that has demonstrated commitment to improving the wider community and reached out to work with a new partner organisation or client group – or has strengthened an existing partnership by working in new and innovative ways.


  • [WINNER] BITE Newham Car Wash (London & South)
  • Charity Week – UCAS Event (Scotland)
  • Naeem Kothdiwala (North West)
  • Shamim Abdullah (North West)

The Challenger (Challenge Award)

To recognise a challenger who has overcome their fears to take on a challenge of a lifetime, whilst also using innovative methods to raise funds for our life-saving work.


  • Asif Iqbal (Scotland)
  • Burhan Ashraf (Scotland)
  • Khalika Sonara (North West)
  • [WINNER] Madiha Shah (West Midland)

The Visionary (Creativity Award)

A volunteer who has been innovative and creative in their approach to push Islamic Relief messaging to peers and the wider community. This volunteer will have shown creativity and have implemented their ideas effectively as well as demonstrated commitment and leadership.


  • Aisha Ismail (East Midlands)
  • Amara Hassan (Scotland)
  • Hamid Mehmood (North West)
  • [WINNER] Hamzah Adam (North West)

The Campaigner (Campaigns Volunteer of the Year)

This award recognises a volunteer committed to campaigning and advocating on behalf of Islamic Relief.

This person has exceeded expectation and played an active part in campaigning on issues such as climate change, gender based violence, and/or advocated on behalf of vulnerable people suffering the effects of conflict in countries such as Syria and Yemen.


  • [WINNER] Munadiah Aftab (London & South)
  • Shamim Abdullah (North West)
  • Souifa Begum (North West)
  • Tahian Ahmed (London & South)

The Implementer (Project Leader of the Year)

To recognise project leader(s) who have successfully organised and led a volunteering project with Islamic Relief. Nominations will be considered for a leader or group of leaders who have led by example and shown passion for their project, being creative and original in their approach.


  • Hamzah Adam (North West)
  • [WINNER] Saliha Patel (East Midlands)
  • Shabbir Hussain (London & South)
  • Zainab Fazlaine (Scotland)

The Inventor (Innovation Award)

Any volunteer activity or volunteer led project that has demonstrated imagination, innovation and individuality, and has made a positive impact on donors and communities through strong partnership working.


  • Khalika Soner (North West)
  • [WINNER] Rehaan Atif ( Scotland)
  • Safwan Hossain (East Midland)
  • Taniya Haque (London & South)

The Supporter (Donor Care Volunteer of the Year)

A volunteer who has sacrificed their time, day and night, answering calls and providing excellent customer service.  A team player who has seamlessly integrated with the Supporter Relations department and assisted in the smooth running of its operations.


  • Habeba Begum (London & South)
  • Ish Saddik (London & South)
  • [WINNER] Sohrob Kamali (London & South)
  • Sophia Khan (London & South)

The People’s Award (Islamic Relief Staff Member of the year)

To recognise a staff member who has gone beyond the call of duty and impacted the lives of volunteers.


  • Altaf Hussain (North East)
  • Jamal Afzal (North West)
  • [WINNER] Nabeel Ghaffar (Scotland)
  • Tufail Hussain (Deputy Director)

Awards for The Cake Campaign (The Cakies)

Most Cakes Sold (Regional Award)

Based upon official figure for which region has sold the most cakes.

[WINNER] London & South

1 –London & South – 8, 554

2 – North East – 4, 090

3 – West Midlands – 3,518

Total mount delivered this year 25,206

Most Cakes Sold (City Award)

Based upon official figure for which city has sold the most cakes.

[WINNER] Birmingham

1 – Birmingham – 2,299

2 – Bradford – 1,042

3 – Oldham – 3,052

Most Committed Volunteer

To recognise the most dedicated volunteer or group of volunteers, those who gave up their time whenever needed to ensure The Cake Campaign was a huge success.


  • Asad Ali Sarwar (Scotland)
  • Athia Hussain (North East)
  • [WINNER] Shehzad Modoolla (North East)
  • Tasneem Alam (London & South)

Social Media Award

Being a heavily social media led project – this award recognises the person who used social media in the most engaging and effective way to leverage support and/or increase the reach of The Cake Campaign.


  • [WINNER] Aisha Diller (Midland West)
  • Arefin Chowdhury (London & South)
  • Rehaan Atif (Scotland)
  • Shehzad Modoolla (North East)

Best Call Centre Volunteer

A key part of The Cake Campaign is the call centre where volunteers man the phones and take thousands of #Cakes4Syria orders. This award recognises the volunteer that went above and beyond to ensure the success of the campaign.


  • [WINNER] Athia Hussain (North East)
  • Hanna Ahmed (North East)
  • Mohammed Hamed (North East)
  • Shehzad Modoolla (North East)

Best Delivery Driver

We were blessed to have so many dedicated delivery drivers who helped make The Cake Campaign a huge success. This award aims to recognise the volunteer who turned up week in week out to deliver cakes – starting early, happy to finish late and always extremely efficient!


  • [WINNER] Ibrahim Quershi (Wales)
  • Jiyad Hussain (London & South)
  • Neelam Shah (North West)
  • Shaun O’Hara (Scotland)

Best Picture

Decided by vote on social media.


  • Bilkis Akhter (North East)
  • Neelam Shah (North West)
  • Team London
  • [WINNER] Team Scotland

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