Our fundraising team, in addition to our team of core volunteers, are on hand to support your ideas and initiatives as well as provide plenty of opportunities to participate as a volunteer or donor at our many events and challenges.

Each sub region has its own tailored social media content to allow you to keep up to date with all the latest activities and contact our teams. Find the teams on Facebook and Instagram via @IslamicReliefEM, @IslamicReliefWM and @IRWales.

If you’d like to volunteer in the Midlands and Wales area, please visit our volunteering section to find out more.

Meet the team:

Salim Lorgat

Community Partnerships Coordinator (Midlands)

Email: Salim.Lorgat@islamic-relief.org.uk

Contact Number: 07500 086 624

Huzaifa Lorgat 

Community Fundraising Officer (East Midlands)

Email: Huzaifa.Lorgat@islamic-relief.org.uk

Contact Number: 07594 694021

Arwa Kawan

Junior Community Fundraising Officer (West Midlands)

Email: Arwa.Kawan@islamic-relief.org.uk

Contact Number: 07403 158 774

Qasim Alyas

Junior Community Fundraising Officer (West Midlands)

Email: Qasim.Alyas@islamic-relief.org.uk

Contact Number: 07903 011 633

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