Charity Week began as an annual volunteer-led campaign launched by a group of students in London back in 2003. 15 years later, it’s now a million pound campaign held annually in the last week of October, where over 200 institutions raise vital funds for orphans and children in need in a range of countries suffering the effects of poverty and conflict.

Launched with the vision of collective action, the project quickly spread across the UK and then across the Atlantic to Canada in 2013. Not long after, volunteers in Qatar, Germany, the USA, Australia and South Africa then joined this vibrant growing movement.

During Charity Week itself, volunteers from local schools, universities, youth groups or even simply groups of friends, undertake a wide range of fundraising activities from mountain climbing, bake sales and football tournaments to skydiving, bungee jumping, holding collections at train stations and in city centres and even staging fundraising auctions.

“Charity Week isn’t actually a fundraising initiative. There are many of those around. Instead, in an age of increasing polarisation, mistrust and conflict – Charity Week is a practical example of what happens when people decide that they will put aside their differences and work together to build a better, more hopeful world.” – Dr Wajid Akhter, founder of Charity Week

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