Where can I donate my clothes?

You can donate your items at one of our 240 clothing banks / donation points across the UK. Find your nearest one here.


Do you collect donations?

We provide free collection when 10 or more bags are being donated and the collection address is in an area where we have operational clothing banks. To arrange a collection, please call 0121 380 0020 or fill out a collection request form here.


I am a business – how can I donate some of my items?

We will be happy to receive donations from businesses. Please contact us on 0121 380 0020 to discuss the items you wish to donate and for arrangement of collection or delivery.


What types of donations do you accept?

We accept the following items, so long as they are in good condition:

  • Clothing
  • Towels
  • Sheets
  • Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Footwear

Some of our shops may accept toys, books and other items. For more information, contact your nearest store. You can find a list of shops here.


I have Islamic literature / materials which I want to dispose of. Will you accept these?

Unfortunately, we do not have the means to dispose of Islamic materials. We recommend that you seek advice from your local scholar or mosque.


What do you do with the clothing you receive?

Donated items are sold in our charity shops around the UK, often helping the less well-off in our communities by providing them with access to affordable clothing. We also work with charities and mosques across the UK who are in need of clothing for the homeless and refugees.

The majority of clothes are sent to our factory in Birmingham, where items are sorted, baled and shipped to buyers in other countries. All profits from our operations are used to fund various Islamic Relief projects. You can find out more information on some of the projects we have funded here.


Why don’t you give the clothing directly to people in need?

Islamic Relief started collecting clothing in the early 1990’s with most of the clothing items being packed and shipped to the poor and needy around the world. We found this to be an expensive way to help our beneficiaries, as the costs of the shipping become higher than the value of the goods.

We believe that the best way to provide help and support is by funding projects which help people out of the vicious cycling of poverty and enabling them to build a stable, sustainable future.


Do you sell fair trade items?

We currently only sell fair trade items at our Waterloo branch in central London.


Do you accept monetary donations at your shops?

We accept monetary donations for all current appeals including general Zakat and Sadaqah donations.


Do you accept card payments at your charity shops?

All our shops are able to take card payments.

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