Every year across the UK, over 300,000 tonnes of clothing head to landfills. That’s a shocking 4 tonnes every 7 minutes. At Islamic Relief however, we believe in a better solution. We believe in one that both helps the environment and benefits thousands of people around the world.

20+ years of expertise

In the early years, Islamic Relief packed and shipped the majority of the clothing to communities in need worldwide. However, we found this to be an expensive way to help our beneficiaries, as the costs of the shipping become higher than the value of the goods.

We therefore decided that the best way to provide help and support is by funding projects that help people out of the vicious cycle of poverty, by helping them to build a secure, sustainable future.

Old clothes, new lives

The majority of the clothes are sent to our factory in Birmingham, where items are sorted, baled and shipped to buyers in other countries. Donated items are sold in our charity shops around the UK, often helping the less well-off in our communities by providing them with access to affordable clothing.

We also work with charities and mosques in the UK who are in need of clothing for the homeless and refugees. All profits from our operations are put towards the funding of various projects by Islamic Relief.

Because of your support, we have raised millions of pounds and changed the lives of tens of thousands of beneficiaries worldwide. The funds raised from clothing donations have helped people onto their feet, enabling them to support themselves through sustainable livelihood projects.

Alhamdulillah, you have provided a wide range of essential support for communities worldwide including:

  • Food Aid
  • Healthcare
  • Orphan Sponsorship
  • School Rehabilitation
  • Water Systems

Thank you for your continued support. Because of you, communities are able to build a better future for themselves. However, there are many more people in need.

Please donate today.

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