Islamic Relief wholeheartedly supports fair trade with developing nations and only stocks ethically sourced goods in its Waterloo shop.

We support the trade justice movement by buying and selling fair trade items from suppliers such as Sacred Earth, which help ensure that farmers and producers all over the globe receive a fair price for their labour.

We also sell items sourced from small-scale producers and craftsmen from developing countries, as well as suppliers who focus on natural and organic production of goods. In September 2017, we also started selling goods kindly donated to us which further helps us to achieve our objectives.

Shopping for sustainable futures

Dignity is at the heart of our work at Islamic Relief and therefore we believe in providing long-term solutions to support communities for generations. By enabling those we support to become independent, we give people the tools to work their own way out of poverty.

By purchasing products from our shop you are not only supporting Islamic Relief, but also other organisations that are dedicated to making a difference. The profits made from the sale of items in our shop are reinvested back into a range of projects run by Islamic Relief to empower communities worldwide, helping them to work towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our programmes include training individuals, who are then able to work to support their family and improve their community, and offering small loans to people so that they can start a micro-business.

Here are some of the items you can find in-store:

Along with various handmade cosmetic and decorative gift items, you can also find ethically-sourced dates and olive oil brought to the UK by the inspiring social enterprise Zaytoun.

Shop consciously and help us create a world of equality where our universal human values are not compromised.

More information on Islam and Fairtrade can be found here.

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