Everyone agrees that the climate is changing. Whether it’s in our own country or watching terrible scenes of flooding in Bangladesh or Kenya, we know that climate change is taking a toll on the world.

What some people don’t realise is that it’s down to us. From the petrol in our cars, through to the meat we consume, nearly everything in our lives is indirectly producing something called “Greenhouse gas”. These gases trap heat and are changing the climate of our planet. Floods, drought and famine are all becoming more common because of this change. And this is killing our brother and sisters.

As Muslims, we are bound by our love of Allah to preserve his greatest creation – the earth.

So what are we going to do?

It might seem a bit doom and gloom but there’s is a solution.

It’s impossible for us to emit no greenhouse gasses at all but we can reduce the amount we’re pumping out by making changes in the way we live. We can also invest in clever new technologies that can suck carbon out of the atmosphere. If we do this, we could reach a point where we’re doing more to save the planet than we are to damage it. That point is called Net Zero and scientists think we can do this. What we need now is the political will to make it happen. The UK Government is currently considering whether it will set a target date to get there and this is where you come in.

We need to you to send a message to politicians that they must act. Will you join take action and then join us in taking the fight to the heart of the UK parliament?

Stem the tide of climate change in two easy steps

  1. Join us at the Climate Coalition mass lobby

On Wednesday June 26 thousands of people from all faiths and none will gather at Westminster and take a message of action to their MPs. We need as many of you as possible to join us and show that Allah’s creation is what we love and MPs must honour it.

Can you spare a few hours to join thousands and send an important message to MPs?  Simply register on the map below and we’ll be in touch.

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2. Attend our workshop

Learning how to engage others is just as important as getting involved ourselves. That’s why, as part of the Faith for the Climate network, we’re holding a workshop to learn about how to you can engage your Imam on the issue of climate change. Imams have a huge position of power in speaking up on Climate Change and why we need to take action.

Find out more and send your RSVP here.

Save a life. Take action today.

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